Lynn Hendricks

My experience:
I will never call another Electrical service again. Troy and his team are the best. Troy goes above and beyond expectations. If you want the job done right, fast, and the best customer service.. Then Troy and his team are the ones to contact. Thank you for everything you did for us.

Steve Harbers

My experience:
Fella's arrived on time, got right to it and got what I wanted done completed. They did not stop there. They even corrected other issues I had with for no additional charge. These guys are simply AWESOME!

David Schroeder

My experience:
Great service, always on top of things, and honest!

Jeanette O'Neal

My experience:
I've had Troy Light my "go-to" electrician for many years and the reasons are simple. He's reliable - he always does exactly what he says he's going to do. He's knowledgeable - he can determine the problem correctly and know how to fix it. The #1 reason I call on Troy Light is that he's trustworthy and highly ethical, something rare to find in a contractor in any trade. I would recommend TLL Electrical Services to anyone looking for a top-notch electrical contractor.

Fletcher Hamilton

My experience:
Troy is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable of local electrical codes. We have demanding city codes and we sailed through all the city inspections without a hitch. The quality of his workmanship is second to none, and at reasonable rates. I highly recommend him.

Susan Magana

Troy is honest and reliable, and has provided us with great service multiple times.

Michael Malloy

My experience:
Troy is a great electrician: he does great work, responds promptly, and is always friendly and dependable.

Gregory Graham

My experience:
Troy is knowledgeable, hard-working, and trustworthy. I am happy with the work he did, as well as the recommendations he made to solve a safety issue in our older house. I highly recommend him.

Linda Bernauer

Troy is very honest, careful and conscientious - very important traits for an electrician. The work he has done for us has been top notch.

Scott Killian

My experience:
As a Real Estate Broker, I have recommended Troy Light many times and my clients are always pleased. He has done work on my home as well. I would recommend him to anyone needing electrical work. He is not only a great electrician but a great person. Call Troy. Scott Killian Scott Real Estate

Don Light

My experience:
Great service, knowledgeable and friendly.

Scott Stirling

My experience:
We've had Troy over for at least four jobs, and each job was quick and efficient, reasonably-priced, and Troy himself is always friendly and a pleasure to work with. He's great around kids and always answers our questions with patience and a great knowledge of new technologies. He has helped us take down heavy old lightboxes, installed delicate chandeliers, helped us choose outdoor lights and install them, unwired and rewired stuff, put in dimmers and changed out old switches. He does it all! We're having him back this summer to wire a kitchen island and update the lighting in our living room. He is a five-star electrician for sure. Thanks, Troy!

Ray Rhinehart

My experience:
Preformed work in timely professional manner for a reasonable price

Heidi Maher

My experience:
I cannot say enough great things about Troy Light. He stepped into the middle of a mess that our previous contractor left behind. It was a major electrical project, as we were rewiring everything on the first floor of our historical home (that also had some historical electrical components) and Troy managed to step in and methodically figure out what the previous contractor had done, re-organize things to fit specifications properly, and fix several potentially dangerous mistakes the previous contractor left behind. He was always prompt, courteous, clean, and friendly. He always seemed to work fast and diligently on the task at hand and was very informative about what he was doing so that we understood every step of the process. He was easy to talk to you and a pleasure to have around. I'm sure you will experience all of these same things if you hire him. And, at the end of the day, who wouldn't want someone named Mr. Light as an electrician! ;)

Zoe Schommer

My experience:
Professional, affordable and reliable. If you are looking for a great electrician, Troy and his team are the best. I've used him for my residence, as well as my business.

Nina Joseph

My experience:
Excellent service and attention to detail. Troy takes care of everything and makes sure the job is well done. His team is excellent as well. I will go with Troy only from here on out.

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